Facilitating Collaborative Modeling

Wolfgang Müller

The advancement of science relies on the reproducibility and the reusability of scientific results. Therefore, models and datasets have to be accessible, standardized, and curated. In recent years, systems biology and systems medicine communities established a range of databases and standards to enhance reproducibility and reusability. However, these standards are often not applied thoroughly, as researchers lack awareness of open standards or find it difficult to use them.

We make the following available:

  • Setup a new project in the FAIRDOMHub, a platform that makes it easy to work and collaborate using standard formats.
  • Provide trainings in standardization and annotation of simulation studies.

The FAIRDOMHub is based on the SEEK software suite and enables linking models to data. Users can distinguish between data that has been used to train the model and data that was obtained by running the model, providing a powerful framework.