Oral presentations

Oral presentations will take place over zoom. Please install the latest version of zoom to be able to enter and leave breakout rooms by yourself.
There will be one main link for the whole conference and breakout rooms for

  • each speaker to test video and audio (at least 10 minutes before each session)
  • each hackathon topic/project

We can create breakout rooms for smaller groups as well. Please contact Nina Fischer to arrange it.

Here you find more information on how to prepare for your oral presentation.

Virtual get-together chat program

We use mattermost, a chat program similar to slack, to get in contact with you during the conference, e.g., send updated information. You are (additional to the chat function in zoom) get in touch if you experience technical problems that we can fix for you.

Here we explain how to sign in to mattermost.

On mattermost we will create topic specific public channels, e.g.,

  • for each hackathon topic/project
  • technical problems
  • poster sessions

On mattermost you are also able to create private channels and invite others to chat privatly.

Poster sessions and coffee breaks on gather.town

We created a virtual space on gather.town. Below you find a map that shows the whole space where you can walk around.

  • Please note that you should use Firefox or Chrome as a browser.
  • Please leave your zoom session when you enter gather.town.
  • In case you would like to "walk over" or "stand on top of" another person you are able to do so by pressing "G" ;)

Here you find more information for poster sessions.