Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed!

Please submit your abstract until Friday, February 12th!

In order to submit your abstract, please use this link.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. The abstract must not exceed 2000 characters (including space and up to five references, excluding title).
  2. References and figures are not required.
  3. You can choose whether you would like to present a poster, give an oral presentation, or both. In case you choose to give only an oral presentation, but your abstract was not selected by the reviewers, it is possible that we ask you to present a poster instead.
  • Abstract for giving an oral presentation
  • Abstracct for presenting a poster
  • Abstract for giving an oral presentation and presenting a poster

We accept abstracts for following topics:

  • Topic A - Modeling of signaling, metabolic and gene regulatory pathways

  • Topic B - Modeling of diseases and therapies

  • Topic C - Model and data standards

  • Topic D - Model reuse, extension and integration

  • Topic E - Parameter optimization

  • Topic F - Identifiability and uncertainty analysis

  • Topic G - Model analysis